Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rays Anatomy Skeletal System

If you were spineless, your skull wouldn’t be supported. And you wouldn’t have a cranial cavity. You are here because you have a lot of soft grey matter in your cranium. You are here after having used your distal phalanges in the touch screen of your android device. You are here because you radius rotated correctly in the right proportion and all of your carpals and metacarpals and phalanges are working fine.

Even while reading this, your mandible and maxilla are touching each other, whether you are masticating food or words, and you don’t need to care if your facial bones articulate correctly with each other to keep you sensible in your senses. Your finer senses can articulate the articulations from legato to portato because the stapes articulated correctly with the incus.
While you are still not a lunatic and your lunates are working fine, create the symphony of your bones knowledge with this superbly simple and small app on skeletons and bones.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rays First Aid CPR ABCs

In life, you can be a Good Samaritan, a Messenger of God, or God. You Decide!

Being a Good Samaritan, Saving Lives, saving lives of strangers, saving lives of near and dear ones, is a pious deed. In fact, a life saved is a life created. When you save a life, you create a life on Earth. By saving lives, you become the Lord’s messenger on Earth. So what are your chances of playing messenger, so you can save your mother, father, son, daughter, brother, wife, sister, and all your near and dear ones and even the not so near ones?

Here are some numbers which suggest you stand a good chance of saving your family, your loved ones and probably yourself. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US (every year 225000 people die and 6 out of 1000 are prone to have a heart attack in the US). If that sounds scary, the world’s two most populous nations, India and China, each with a billion plus population, have a far more accelerating growth rate of heart attacks. As a case in point, coronary heart attack in urban India is more than ten percent and growing. Rest of the world does not differ too much either.

These growing numbers metaphorically indicate that the hearts are getting smaller and weaker, the arteries which carry blood to the heart are also getting smaller in comparison to the bulging pockets, bulging cholesterol in the arteries, the bulging stressful lives, and the bulging sedentary lifestyle we are leading.

But you can play God, e r Messenger. You can save lives. Hundreds of them. All you need is to understand and get trained on CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation). You can save people affected by heart attacks. It’s as easy as 123. CPR ensures flow of blood to the brain, even after the stoppage of a heart due to cardiac arrest, and keep the person alive. To help you get started on CPR, we have this small little app with the latest CPR guidelines, CPR principles, legal, technical, devices, steps, etc.

In the real world, you may skip a internet connection in a trail in the Tundras or the Grand Canyon or in the Amazon rain forest, or in the Canadian Prairies, but the heart may skip a beat anywhere, for any of your loved ones. Keeping this in mind, we’ve ensured that once downloaded, this app works offline, even when there is no internet connection.

Follow the steps, saving lives is easier than you thought. Be All.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rays CNC Codes

Machining, Milling, Turning, and operating the Lathe is no kids play. Although common in today’s computerized world, most CNC machines are pre-programmed or are operated by a select few “intelligentsia” and specialists. Work with wood, you need a specialist. Work with metal, you need a specialist. Work with ice, you need a specialist. Work with Innovation, you need a specialist. Cutting, Drilling, Milling, despite being easy have stayed the forte of specialists. And yes, some of the best hobbyists in machining are specialists. So how does one become a specialist?

Fundamentals, and only Fundamentals are elementary, my dear, to becoming a specialist. Without fundamentals, it’s not only difficult, it’s next to impossible not just to become a specialist, but a hobbyist too. Without fundamentals, one cannot touch the controls of a machine, any machine, a car, a rocket, and even a CNC machine. Without fundamentals, one doesn’t even know what the controls are, leave aside controlling and manipulating these controls.

In this first app in the world (both the Android world and Iphone world) which details all CNC Codes with diagrams, with equations, with explanations, we bring you simplicity. Simplicity by simplifying the fundamentals of CNC machining. The G codes and the X codes, the H codes and the M codes. You heard of it. We bring it to you. All from A through Z. And all of them with pictures and diagrams and drawings – beyond the typical run-of-the-mill definitions.

So whatever arcs you choose, whichever axis you choose, whatever you want to drill into, whatever you plan to bore into, download the app, and keep pecking.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rays Goddess Kali Tantric

Worshipping Goddess Kali with sexual intercourse, menstrual blood, semen over a dead body in a cremation ground is something few would dare. It’s the Tantric oblation to the ultimate truth – the truth of Creation, the truth after Cremation, Sex, Love, Emotion, Evolution, Evolution of Universes, Oneness of Origin, and continuum over the tiers of existence. The Tantra philosophy holds that the physical universe is conceived due to the sexual union of God Shiva and Goddess Shakti (Kali) respectively representing pure Consciousness and Creative Power that manifests the radiance of Creation. Goddess Kali creates the Cartesian dualism of mind and matter. She creates Creation. She is Shakti (power), She is Sati (truth), She is Laxmi (materialism), She is Saraswati (Knowledge), She is Kali (time).

Tantric worship, as we see in this app, transcends finite concepts, concepts of good or evil, concepts of life and death, concept of mortal wishes and dreams and reflections. Above all, Tantra transcends the concept of cycle - the cycle of birth, cycle of time, cycle of creation, cycle of creation of Universes, and all through the worship of the Goddess of Death and The Goddess of Creation – Goddess Kali.

Tantra respects the Yoni or vagina, worships it, as an instrument of creation – its aim is not to incite the physical senses but to awaken the higher spiritual ideals - just like it worships other features of the human creation. In fact, the Tantric scriptures, very clearly prohibit, persons with bondages, bondings, attachments, ego, etc. from practicing Tantra. The very term Tantric Sex is a conundrum, a falsehood, a myth, a marketing gimmick. Tantra celebrates sexuality and sexual intercourse, with the same intense force, as it celebrates death. And where does it celebrate sex - in the cremation ground. And where does it celebrate death - in the cremation ground. Thus, Tantric sex can only be performed in the cremation ground, along with the various sets of rules and policies.

Tantra defines a set of rules (mantras), principles, and tools (Yantras) that frees the mind from all the materialistic constructs and most constructs. Unlike most religions, where female priests have limited hierarchical positions and are often absent altogether, Tantra approves consummation of worship and attainment irrespective of the sex of the priest. In the world of Tantra, both male priests (sadhaka) and female priests (sadhvika) can perform the same rites.

Tantra discerns itself from any boundaries, moral or immoral. What is moral in one culture or religion is immoral in another culture or religion. Tantrics and practitioners of tantra not only realize the same, they also appreciate, accept and adore the contrasting culture or religion. This app will walk you through some of these behaviors.

This app will also walk you through attainment as achieved through sheer mental power by the Samayachara fold. Tantric practices of the Dakshinachara and the mystic Vamachara folds are covered in detail in this app.

Like modern science, Tantric worship of Goddess Kali is extremely practical, experimental and believes in Knowledge Maithuna and in this app, we bring you a vignette of the various facets of this form of worship.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Rays Puri Trinity

Salvation or Moksha is critical to the human cycle of birth and rebirth. And one of the easiest ways to achieve Moksha is to give oneself to the Lord of Lords, Lord Jagannath. Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Lord Subhadra form the pillar of faith for Hindus across the world. Commonly called the Puri Trinity or the Holy Trinity, the three Lords are so revered that Puri, the place where the three Gods are located, is accorded as one of the four critical Dhams (religious places) that Hindus must visit during their lifetime for salvation.

Salvation has been so paramount to cultures and traditions and so centric to the Puri Trinity that Aboriginal (tribal) cults, classical Brahminism, Tantric Hinduism, Shakti cults, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, and even Buddhism and Jainism have tried fathoming the cult of the Puri Trinity. Each of these cultures have significantly contributed to the mysticism and enigma of the Puri Trinity. Each of these cults interpret and visualize the Puri Trinity in a unique and divine fashion. A reflection of these contributions can be found in the rituals and the rites of the Puri Trinity.

Among the thirty three crore (three hundred thirty million) Gods that Hindus worship, the Lords of the Puri Trinity are uniquely different in every aspect.
They are the only core Gods who are made of wood.
They are the only core Gods who are regenerated frequently just like the cycle of life (Nabakalebara).
They are the only core Gods who have non-anthropomorphic shape or artistic aspect.
They are the only core Gods who are not Avatars.
They are the only core Gods who do not have Vahanas.
And the list continues.

In this app, we bring you the uniqueness, the aura and the splendor of the enthralling and ubiquitous Puri Trinity.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rays Goddess Kali

She is black. She is dark. She is enormous. She is fearsome. One of the hymns addressed to her devotee says “…walk through your fears to dance with me” The best of her devotees are those who overcome fear itself including fear of self, fear of life and fear of death. Confronting and worshipping the Goddess in her dark self serves as the act of transcendence over fear and illusion. Because she is the Goddess of illusion. She is the ruler of the illusive time (Kala). She is Kali.

She creates time. She devours it. She defines the transience of life that we see around us. She destroys it. She is Maya. She is Mahamaya. In order to attain her, one needs to transcend the concept of time, look beyond the elusive materialistic world surrounding us. The most hardcore of her devotees take to the severest of the penances to achieve and attain the Goddess and are known as tantrics. More often, tantrics and their methodologies of appeasing the Goddess and to make her the vehicle of salvation are so austere, often they exceed the boundaries of maturity of the common devotee and hence the more mature esoteric content is covered in a different app.

This app, designed for every devotee, walks us through Goddess Kali’s origins, her relationship with Lord Shiva and the Hindu Pantheon, and her rituals. Additionally, her hymns (chalisa, aarti, tandav struti, adyastrotam, ten mahavidya mantra), her yantras (Kali Yantra, MahaKali Yantra, Kali Yantra Mandala), her devotees (such as Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Maa Sarada, etc.) and some of her temples are also covered. Devotees can also Get Blessed by performing puja. Devotees can also get an insight to the various forms of Goddess Kali, viz., Dakshina Kali, Bhadrakali, Samshana Kali, Siddha Kali, Maha Kali (Mahakali), Guhya Kali, Kaalratri and Chamunda Kali. Overall, we bring you a all-in-one informative wealth of knowledge to attain the blessings of the pure and primordial Goddess of Beauty, the all-encompassing akhanda sachidananda Ma Kali.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rays Philately India Miniature Sheets

Are you a fun-loving stamp collector or a serious philatelist? Or you are planning to take up stamp collection as a hobby and want to give it a great kick start?

Whichever category of philately you fall in, the hobbyist or the serious collector, the planning-to-join or the planning-to-leave, or a simple stamp entrepreneur, this app is meant for all exclusive philatelists who prefer stamps but more and the more being the uniquely positioned and exclusively published Miniature Sheets.

Philatelists can freely download this one stop app for everything related to Miniature Sheets officially released in India.

Using this app, collectors can validate their philatelic collection of miniature sheets and related stamps, anywhere, anytime. Stamp by stamp, Miniature sheet by miniature sheet, collectors will always have the information ready and on-the-go.

This app will be of great help during selling and buying of miniature sheets at stamp fairs, exhibitions, expos, etc. We want you to be a Smart Buyer and a Smart Seller.

For those planning to join the world of philately and want a big initial startup and thrust, this app will help them look at the sea of possibility with miniature sheets before they take the plunge.

For collectors looking at exchanging and bartering their collections, this app will help broad-base a more equitable exchange of miniature sheets.

When two King philatelists meet, they discuss, argue, negotiate on their resources and knowledge. This app will help rationalize discussions around miniature sheets with meaningful data points interchanged between the Kings and Queens.

In this age of Information, success is not knowing where Information is (everybody understands Search). Success goes to those who can access relevant and genuine information in the quickest possible time. This app will help quicken access to data on Indian miniature sheets.

We want all philatelists to save money to buy more stamps and miniature sheets. This app will save money from accessing data on the Internet by reducing frequent access for information on Indian miniature sheets. You just need to download once. You can use the app without any further dependency on factors such as telecom or internet service provider, off-location, subways, lifts, remote areas, top-of-Mt. Everest, you name it.

This app will also save money by not downloading any ads associated with most philatelic web sites on miniature sheets. Although free, this app, is ad free. Sounds unlikely in this world of pestering ads, but when you have the king of hobbies and the hobbies of kings, we felt the Kings and Queens should not be disturbed with ads.

So be among the most exclusive to download this First ever Indian App on Philately. We will help increase your exclusivity, Stamp by Stamp, FDC by FDC, Miniature Sheet by Miniature Sheet.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rays Goddess Durga

Dedicated to the devotees of Goddess Durga, this app is a one stop app for everything related to Ma Durga and free. Devotees have free access to all the different types of Yantras related to Ma Durga thus keeping Ma’s protection always with them.

Devotees can read the Saptashati, the Chandipath, the Ashtottaram, the Dvatrinsh Naammala, the Durga Arti, the Durga Chalisa, the Devi Suktam and purify themselves with all related mantras & hymns of Ma Durga.

Devotees can further enlighten themselves about the Goddess, her Appearance, her Origin and Emergence, the Nav Durga, her legend, etc. and increase their devotion. Rituals such as Navratri, Durga Puja, etc., their origin, significance, celebration rules, etc. are also covered for the benefit of the devotees. Various Shakti Peeths as defined in the Puranas, the Adi Peeths and the 52 Shakti Peeths are covered in detail to help devotees gain insight into their significance and visit the nearest or all of the Shakti Peeths.

And finally, devotees can “Get Blessed” by Goddess Durga by performing puja anywhere in the world.

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