Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rays Goddess Kali Tantric

Worshipping Goddess Kali with sexual intercourse, menstrual blood, semen over a dead body in a cremation ground is something few would dare. It’s the Tantric oblation to the ultimate truth – the truth of Creation, the truth after Cremation, Sex, Love, Emotion, Evolution, Evolution of Universes, Oneness of Origin, and continuum over the tiers of existence. The Tantra philosophy holds that the physical universe is conceived due to the sexual union of God Shiva and Goddess Shakti (Kali) respectively representing pure Consciousness and Creative Power that manifests the radiance of Creation. Goddess Kali creates the Cartesian dualism of mind and matter. She creates Creation. She is Shakti (power), She is Sati (truth), She is Laxmi (materialism), She is Saraswati (Knowledge), She is Kali (time).

Tantric worship, as we see in this app, transcends finite concepts, concepts of good or evil, concepts of life and death, concept of mortal wishes and dreams and reflections. Above all, Tantra transcends the concept of cycle - the cycle of birth, cycle of time, cycle of creation, cycle of creation of Universes, and all through the worship of the Goddess of Death and The Goddess of Creation – Goddess Kali.

Tantra respects the Yoni or vagina, worships it, as an instrument of creation – its aim is not to incite the physical senses but to awaken the higher spiritual ideals - just like it worships other features of the human creation. In fact, the Tantric scriptures, very clearly prohibit, persons with bondages, bondings, attachments, ego, etc. from practicing Tantra. The very term Tantric Sex is a conundrum, a falsehood, a myth, a marketing gimmick. Tantra celebrates sexuality and sexual intercourse, with the same intense force, as it celebrates death. And where does it celebrate sex - in the cremation ground. And where does it celebrate death - in the cremation ground. Thus, Tantric sex can only be performed in the cremation ground, along with the various sets of rules and policies.

Tantra defines a set of rules (mantras), principles, and tools (Yantras) that frees the mind from all the materialistic constructs and most constructs. Unlike most religions, where female priests have limited hierarchical positions and are often absent altogether, Tantra approves consummation of worship and attainment irrespective of the sex of the priest. In the world of Tantra, both male priests (sadhaka) and female priests (sadhvika) can perform the same rites.

Tantra discerns itself from any boundaries, moral or immoral. What is moral in one culture or religion is immoral in another culture or religion. Tantrics and practitioners of tantra not only realize the same, they also appreciate, accept and adore the contrasting culture or religion. This app will walk you through some of these behaviors.

This app will also walk you through attainment as achieved through sheer mental power by the Samayachara fold. Tantric practices of the Dakshinachara and the mystic Vamachara folds are covered in detail in this app.

Like modern science, Tantric worship of Goddess Kali is extremely practical, experimental and believes in Knowledge Maithuna and in this app, we bring you a vignette of the various facets of this form of worship.

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